Michael Jackson Is INNOCENT ! ! !

Discussion in 'Discussion Group' started by OneTalentedSista, Jun 13, 2005.


What Is Your Verdict About Michael Jackson?



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  1. OneTalentedSista

    OneTalentedSista Well-Known Member

    It's OFFICIAL! Mike is INNOCENT on ALL 10 Counts ! If the white glove fits you must accquit ! :D
  2. hhmom

    hhmom Well-Known Member

    Hes just another OJ. It just goes to show as long as you have money you can get by with ANYTHING.The only reason he got off was because the poor boys momwas crazy and not trustworthy.That has NOTHING to do with the fact that Michael Jackson is a Child Molester.How many grown men do YOU know sleep with little kids...Come on,wake up!
  3. Oy Yayoy

    Oy Yayoy Well-Known Member

    If the condom doesn't fit, you must acquit!

    Then again, it may be due to plastic surgery.
  4. Anonymous

    Anonymous Well-Known Member

    sorry, i know this is a little late on topic here but M.J. is guilty in my opinion....jacko the wacko with a sicko life!!! :roll: :x
  5. zookeeper

    zookeeper Well-Known Member

    Now, Now, Michael Jackson is showing kindness towards many victims of Hurricane Katrina. He offered to take all of the young boys who are without homes to live at Neverland for as long as necessary.
  6. OneTalentedSista

    OneTalentedSista Well-Known Member

    That's SO wrong!
  7. Aglassnut

    Aglassnut Well-Known Member

    Here's a forty year old man that lets little boys sleep in the same bed as him. And it's not the "I've had a bad dream, can I sleep with you and mommy" thing. I'd also have to ask. "Where were the parents that allowed this to happen?" He's guilty, just like OJ's guilty. Nothing will ever change my mind of that.
  8. Anonymous

    Anonymous Well-Known Member

    He's gay!!
  9. Pack'n'Noles

    Pack'n'Noles Guest

    what's wrong is that you shouldn't be allowed to use a photo of yourself as your avatar, especially in this case.
  10. Anonymous

    Anonymous Well-Known Member

  11. jaloridon

    jaloridon Well-Known Member

    oh my!! THAT, friends, is funny. :shock:
  12. Southernborn

    Southernborn Well-Known Member

    and I'm a nun...NOT!
  13. OneTalentedSista

    OneTalentedSista Well-Known Member

    Where te hell did that come from? I didn't hear NO complaints last night! I'd rather be a monkey than a ******* state fan.
  14. zookeeper

    zookeeper Well-Known Member

    While I don't agree with you on MJ's innocence, I LOVE that monkey! Adorable!
  15. Pack'n'Noles

    Pack'n'Noles Guest

    Of course you would... :roll:
  16. SPED

    SPED Well-Known Member

    No, he was not innocent, he was found "not guilty". There is a difference. In his case, a BIG one.
  17. Clif

    Clif Guest

    Its amazing how little people understand the law. I person is innocent until he (or she) is proven guilty in a court of law. Mr. Jackson was not proven guilty (to the satisfaction of the jury), ergo he was and is innocent.

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