Missing dog found far away-want it back?

Discussion in 'Discussion Group' started by peppercorns, Dec 9, 2004.


Would you try to get your pet back if it were found so far from home?

  1. Yes - as quick as I could.

  2. Maybe - if it didn't cost a lot.

  3. No - I would not go that far out of my way

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  1. Southernborn

    Southernborn Well-Known Member

    I never realized so many people were not aware of heartworm preventation.....That is the craziest thing I've ever heard. What do people do get animals and not take them to the vet?

    My babies go to Dr. Bagley every 6 months for all their shots, check up and heartworm pills.

    Of course the people that don't take their animals to the vet are the same ones taking animals to the shelter to have them put down, because they had another litter.....IDIOTS is all I can say!

    If you can't afford basic vet bills then don't get an animal!
  2. nativeNC

    nativeNC Well-Known Member

  3. Josey Wales

    Josey Wales Well-Known Member

    Exactly nativeNC. And when I had dogs they didn't even make chewable heartworm pills. It can't get much easier than that. One of the best dogs I ever had ...a faithful companion for 10 years ...developed complications from hip dysplasia and arthritis. It would have cost over $1,000 to treat her ...not CURE her. No way! She was a great friend, but she was just a dog for petes sake. I wasn't about to make some veterenarian rich because of my emotional attachment to a dog. I didn't want to see her in pain anymore, so I took her out in the edge of a field, shot her right between the eyes, and buried her.

    Isn't it amazing that dogs have survived thousands of years without heartworm medicine or veterenarians? Sometimes I wonder what our ancestors would think if they could see what pansies we are today.
  4. nativeNC

    nativeNC Well-Known Member

    Absolutely 100% right.
  5. Anonymous

    Anonymous Well-Known Member

    Cute, I hope when you get older and have arthritis your children feel the same about you- decide that they are tired of caring for you tail and take you out and shoot you! That is if anybody would have you in order to have kids! Let me guess, you have since gotten another pet? If you can't afford their care be it as expensive as it may be then don't get a pet! Typical JOHNSTON COUNTY for ya!!! Great!
  6. Anonymous

    Anonymous Well-Known Member

    I'll tell you what you can do "guest", you can kiss my JC country a$$. You're in our homeplace now, just because we don't do things the way you did them, doesn't mean you have to be a jerk about it.
  7. nativeNC

    nativeNC Well-Known Member

    The last post was mine.
  8. nativeNC

    nativeNC Well-Known Member

    Boy "guest" you'd really freak out if you had ever been around anybody with coon dogs or deer dogs. They show no mercy. You think we're bad? C'mon.
  9. Southernborn

    Southernborn Well-Known Member

  10. nativeNC

    nativeNC Well-Known Member

    I understand Southernborn and I didn't mean to single you out. A lot of these people probably take their pets to the vet if they break a freakin' nail though. Thing is... they're animals. Unless it's life threatning it'll probably heal or get better.
  11. Cleopatra

    Cleopatra Well-Known Member

    Then I guess the shelter will fill up and we will just go ahead and gas them now, instead of letting them live full happy lives with caring but practical pet owners. You can't have it both ways.
  12. peppercorns

    peppercorns Well-Known Member

    My Rosiebud is deaf and loosing site. She is a seventeen and a half year old mixed breed dog. She has good days and bad due to stiffness in her joints. She wears a doggie diaper that holds poise-style incontinence pads so when she naps she does not let a little pee out. She runs, she plays and she wags her tail like a nut. On occasion she hops through the house chasing one of the other three dogs with a toy. She does not seem to be in pain. I would not simply put her out of her misery just because she in inconvienient or a burden any more then I would put my mom or grandmother down. :evil: Yes, it's work sometimes and I certainly do not enjoy that, but she has been my friend and companion since she and her brothers were dumped in the back of an open fire cheifs car so many summers ago. She was the runt and the local vet said I should put her down because she was sickly. With love and patience, I dewormed her, gave her shots, de-fleaed her and nutured her. She grew into a healthy, happy dog. Just because she is in the twilight of her years, does not mean I should turn my back on her and tell her to die. I will care for her until there is no longer a reason. I know we are quickly approaching that time. :cry: I wish all elderly people and animals could be so happy as Rosiebud is when she gets her nightly cookie.

    I know some of you will think (do think), I am nuts. I understand others in the county feel differently. I am proud to be from Johnston County - even if the county board doesn't like me.. hee hee hee. I spent my time in Cary like a good little ex-yankee. I hated it there and moved out here because of better schools and better people. We may not all agree, but it is better the Cary.
  13. nativeNC

    nativeNC Well-Known Member

  14. Anonymous

    Anonymous Well-Known Member

    put the little bas-My Friend out of his misery ..
  15. nativeNC

    nativeNC Well-Known Member

    I am guest once again.
  16. nevilock

    nevilock Well-Known Member


    [in honor of AlexZello. i tip my hat to you good sir.]
  17. Angeleyes

    Angeleyes Guest

    I am confused.
  18. kimmie

    kimmie Well-Known Member

    whatever it takes!
  19. NadiaP

    NadiaP Well-Known Member

    When you choose to get a pet and give if a "forever home" it should be just that. Not a home... till its inconvenient, or its too expensive, or its a hassle, or you have something better to do. I lost my dog of 15 years about 18 months ago. She became diabetic around age 10 and everyone said to put her down! I couldnt believe it. Insulin injections easily regulated her symptoms and gave her 5 more years. Injections twice a day, everyday, and I did it happily. WHen she lost her eyesight from the cataracts diabetes causes, we had them removed in one eye, just like a person does. SHe had sight and enjoyment in her last years. None of these things came cheap.Of course, with age she had inoperable tumors, etc. and when she was suffering and I knew it was time, I had her put to sleep. But I know we gave her best and longest life possible.
  20. Chimp

    Chimp Well-Known Member

    What is said about the article is that many rescue organizations have people that will pick up an animal and drive a certain distance then meet another person, hand off the animal and that person will drive for awhile, etc. The do this alot. I bet if the lady in the article would try to get in contact with them they could work something out for her. I would do all that I can to get my dog back. But like many others...if there was a choice between my kids and my dogs...sorry but the welfare of my kids come first.

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