NC42 Widening East of Clayton

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    It begins with a new bridge over the Neuse River parallel to the existing one, said NCDOT spokesman Andrew Barksdale. When that’s completed, traffic will shift to the new bridge and the old one will be demolished and replaced.

    The wider highway will have a raised median down the middle to reduce the number of left turns on and off the road. There will be new traffic lights at a new development between Glen Laurel and Fox Ridge roads and at Castleberry Road, Motorcycle Road and Flowers Parkway.

    N.C. 42 was widened between Glen Laurel and U.S. 70 Business in 2013. The new lanes will mean the highway will be four lanes wide from U.S. 70 Business to Buffalo Road, where traffic from Flowers Plantation and other subdivisions fills the road, particularly during morning and evening commutes. N.C. 42 handled an average of 12,000 cars and trucks a day between Buffalo and Neuse River Parkway in 2017, compared to an average of 7,400 a day just east of Buffalo.

    The work that begins Monday should not be confused with the planned widening of eight miles of N.C. 42 on the west side of Clayton, between U.S. 70 Business and N.C. 50, near I-40. Construction on those lanes isn’t expected to begin until 2022.
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    Yet our side needs it more...
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    This is the other project:

    The state Department of Transportation is getting ready to go public with its plans to widen a congested stretch of N.C. 42 in western Johnston County.

    NCDOT wants to widen an 8-mile stretch of N.C. 42 from U.S. 70 Business in Clayton west across Interstate 40 to N.C. 50. Most of the road is now two lanes and operating at or above capacity, particularly during rush hour, DOT says. NCDOT plans to widen the road to four lanes, separated by a divided median.

    Construction isn’t scheduled to begin until 2022, but DOT plans to present its preliminary plans for the project at a public meeting in the spring. The project is expected to cost more than $66 million, including the replacement of three bridges.

    On Monday, the department announced that it had created a website,, where the public can follow the project. NCDOT is also reaching out to residents and property owners along N.C. 42 by mail.

    The widening of N.C. 42 would follow a separate project to widen Interstate 40 from Raleigh to the N.C. 42 interchange and to reconfigure the interchange to allow direct access between I-40 and Cleveland Road. One of the concerns about that project voiced by residents of the Cleveland community is that the wider I-40 will simply dump more traffic on to already busy two-lane roads in the area, including N.C. 42.

    Under NCDOT’s schedule, construction on the widening of N.C. 42 will begin just as the I-40 project is completed.

    Some sections of N.C. 42 carry more than 22,000 cars and trucks a day on average, according to NCDOT. With new homes and businesses continuing to spring up along the road, the department expects that number to reach 35,000 a day in less than 25 years.

    “Traffic congestion is perhaps the No. 1 issue in our area,” Clayton Mayor Jody McLeod said in a statement. “We are committed to continuing to work with NCDOT to address this concern.”
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    1st phase of 540 (401 to i 40) was to announce contractor yesterday. they were down to final 3 design build groups.

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