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    I actually spoke with one of their public relations officers recently, but it was specifically about the section from I40 to US70/I42. That section is not currently funded in the next 5 year budget. So unless something gets reprioritized, earliest construction would start on that is 2027 with completion around 2030 at best.

    I do know that as part of the Copper District, they do plan to widen the part from US70/I40 to Amelia Church at least, with possibility to continue to Business 70. But that is starting sometime in mid-late 2023 and most likely taking 1-2 years.
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    Does anyone know what's going on with NC 50 at Sanders Rd? They added what seems to be half a lane in front of Don Lee's along with a curbline. Across the street, several trees were removed from a farm property. I wonder if they're adding a turn lane to the intersection. I couldn't find anything on DOT's website.

    ETA: I found a Facebook video from 4042 Motorsports, indicating they are indeed adding a turn lane onto Sanders Rd. I still wish I could find something about it on DOT's website.
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    Hwy 55 (Restaurant) at NC210/I40 (McGees) is opening Tuesday Nov 29.
    I hope they do well. Getting opened from the time it was looking done was months.
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    Picture of new VA. Groundbreaking soon. I see they are clearing and surveying.
    Construction on 400-job VA clinic in Wake town to kick off soon
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    Does anyone know what is being built off RT42 near Austin Pond behind that strip of commercial buildings that includes Clearwater Pools?
    They have been clearing a large swath of trees and grading the land.
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    The company that owns the property is named Flex something. Which leads me to believe it will be a strip of flex space buildings. So basically commercial rental property.
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    Even though this was denied, they sued the Town of Clayton, and they won. So it is now fully approved and permitted.
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    Finally, some somewhat happy news. Selma is getting a Marshalls, Burlington and hobby lobby!! Although it said mixed use, which includes more houses and apartments. But it's not just all houses!! And we don't have to go to Wilson or White oak for everything!
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    A major mixed-use development in Johnston County has attracted some big retailers.

    AdVenture Development announced the first round of retailers for its Eastfield Crossing development in Selma this week. Hobby Lobby, Old Navy (NYSE: GAP), Ulta Beauty (Nasdaq: ULTA), Marshalls, Ross (Nasdaq: ROST), Burlington (NYSE: BURL) and Five Below (Nasdaq: FIVE) will be the first tenants in Phase 1 of a 200,000-square-foot retail development in Eastfield.

    Kevin Dougherty, president of AdVenture Development.

    Retail development is taking off in Johnston County as more people and companies come into the community. Selma and Smithfield, with their proximity to Interstate 95, are experiencing rapid growth.

    Charlotte-based New South Partners is handling the retail leasing for Eastfield Crossing. The development is bringing 3 million square feet of industrial, retail, medical and housing space to the I-95 corridor outside Selma.

    The development recently landed Do Good Foods, which is putting a food production facility within Building 100, the first industrial building in Eastfield. Another industrial building, Building 200, is also being planned.

    And Old North State Food Hall is now open at Eastfield with a lineup that features some popular Triangle dining staples, including a fried chicken joint, burger restaurant and a pizzeria among other offerings. The development is being managed by Hospitality HQ, a firm led by Chef Akhtar Nawab, which previously told Triangle Business Journal one of the target markets is East Coast travelers going up and down I-95.
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    I thought I saw this earlier on here but I guess not. I see some big equipment work being done on the lot next to Sheetz on 50/42. Anyone know what’s being built here?
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    this is on the east side of the car lot across from Sheetz at 50/42. they are clearing and getting started it looks like.
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    He's talking about this plot (behind the Sheetz, across the street from Lowe's/Papa John's). I remember researching this previously as well, but maybe I didn't post about it. It's owned by WMG Acquisitions. From their web site, you get the idea of the types of tiny shopping centers they develop. Not quite a strip mall, but buildings with two or three tenants. With this lot being less than 2 acres, that's about what I picture this will be.

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    It's going to be fun when there's a "40/42", a "42/40", and a "42/42", all within a few miles of each other. Even that Gateway 42 site can't keep it straight. They refer to "US-42" at one point.
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    They have been talking about renaming NC 42 to something else... At least in this area

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