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    SUP-SP-21-07 : Tryon Pointe Apartments
    Special use site plan (SUP-SP-21-07) request submitted by Kelly Development Company for a Multi-Family residential development with 176 apartment units on a 17.88 acre +/- site on the west side of Creech Road south of Gipson Drive at 1509 Creech Road. The site may be further identified as Wake County PIN 1712719535.
    Dec. 20 Public Hearing Notice
    Interested parties are invited to appear before the Town Council. While interested parties are invited to ask questions regarding the site plan request, this public hearing is **quasi-judicial**, meaning that only sworn testimony and competent professional evidence may be heard. It is also possible that substantial changes to the proposed request may be made following said hearing and prior to Town Council action.
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    Dec. 20 Public Hearing Notice
    CZ-PD-22-01: Golden Trace
    Lennar Corporation is requesting to rezone approximately 47.6 +/- acres from Single-Family Residential (R-20) to Planned Residential Development (PRD C13) Conditional for a residential development consisting of up to 130 single-family detached dwelling units. The site is located along New Bethel Church Rd between Clifford Road and Magnolia Lane.
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    Hundreds of new homes appear to be coming to southeast Raleigh.

    Doran Companies of Minnesota has filed new site plans for a subdivision with more than 800 homes at 6700 Rock Quarry Road. The development sits south of a Food Lion-anchored retail center at Rock Quarry and Battle Bridge roads. The land is on the south side of Rock Quarry Road.

    Doran Companies had the two-parcel property rezoned in October, which also allows for up to 300,000 square feet of commercial space. The site plans show the commercial space will have separate plans submitted at a later date.

    among the lowest in the city.

    Doran Companies bought the properties in 2021 for $20 million. The site is mostly vacant, with two buildings on the Rock Quarry Road property and 88 percent of it forested. The total assessed value for the site is $4.76 million.

    Just down the road, Anne Holland and her company Phillips Farm LLC filed a rezoning request with the city to allow for mixed-use development on 62 acres. If approved, it would make way for up to 700 residential units along with commercial uses.

    Northwest of Doran Companies’ project is the Olde Towne residential development that sits on 515-acres. Lennar Corp. (NYSE: LEN) recently released plans and prices for more than 700 homes in that development.

    Doran Companies designs, develops, builds and manages real estate nationwide. Doran Companies has another project in the works in the Triangle area in its partnership on an upcoming 700-home subdivision in Clayton.!8m2!3d35.7120838!4d-78.5420922
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    Thanks for the responses. I remember being underwhelmed over what is being built next to Sheetz. I have also asked Santa that Sonic purchase the car lot next to the new Zion Church and build their store there.
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    I saw on nextdoor that a Popeyes and star bucks are coming to 40/210. Same side of interstate and road as Bojangles.
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    Request to rezone approximately 12.39 acres located on US 70 Business near Wildwood Drive, from Residential-Estate (R-E) and Highway Business (B-3) Zoning Districts to a Conditional Zoning - Mixed Use (CZ-MU) District. The Conditional Zoning District would allow for up to 234 multifamily units and 5,100 square feet of commercial space, and is accompanied by a Master Plan and Master Plan Narrative.

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    Question, does any one know when they are suppose to start construction of tying Ranch road to Hwy 42 east?
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    This was approved by the planning board. In some of the commentary, it was noted that there are over 7000 permitted and approved but not yet built units (Single family, multi-family, apartments, townhomes, etc.) in the Town of Clayton. Half to two thirds are apartments. This could eventually mean another 14,000-20,000 new residents of Clayton. Census reports 28,306 people as of 2021.
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    On Monday night, the Town of Clayton took another significant step towards the completion of the new Sam’s Branch Water Reclamation Facility (WRF).
    Town Council unanimously voted to formally award the construction contract to Thalle Construction - A Tully Group Company of Hillsborough, NC for a total of $171,402,550. The WRF is the largest capital project in the Town’s history and part of a $300 million program to construct the new facility and associated pipelines to serve Jacobs Engineering Group Inc.
    JD Solomon, Inc
    Gannett Fleming
    • Utility Electrical Consultants, PC
    • Our North Carolina Legislature
    NC Department of State Treasurer - LGC
    Cauley Pridgen P.A.
    Parker Poe Adams & Bernstein LLP
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    Sears Hometown Stores closing ALL locations
    The long-promised demise of Sears has been slowly playing out for years now, and it shows no signs of stopping. Currently, the namesake chain has just about a dozen stores left in the entire country, but that's not the only brand that's struggling. Sears Hometown Stores Inc., a franchise-owned chain also under the Sears umbrella, is now gearing up to close its last remaining locations across the U.S. Read on to find out about the plans to liquidate and shut down 115 Sears Hometown stores.

    This means the Dunn location, and has been operating since the 1960s.
    Possible new business going in there?
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    Sad. I bought my riding mower and a lot of tools etc. at the Sears Hometown Store in Fuquay. That Dunn store was /is a very good store. I wonder if that owner can convert to a hardware store franchise?
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    maybe, maybe not.
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    Went by this past weekend. moving along. best i could tell painting overhead is done. Looked up permit and all rough in inspections are approved. Sign is up. probably a month or 2 from being done. Early spring maybe.
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    I looked on google maps and didn't see a town and country or ace hardware in Dunn/Erwin. would be a good location for one.
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    What's up with Amazon in Smithfield? I drove on to the property this morning out of curiosity and there was no cars, no trucks and no humans ...... nice looking building just sitting there.
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    I don't know specifically about Smithfield, but Amazon just let 18,000 workers go, they may have put that facility on hiatus.

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