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Discussion in 'Discussion Group' started by jesse82nc, Aug 14, 2020.

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    The one on Airport Blvd, exit 284 just opened. Haven't been yet, but very busy.
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    Is that the same place that is in Fuquay on 42? That would be neat if so. It's much more upscale, would require a lot of renovation.
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    yes, same place. No permits have been pulled on that address. Next Door seems to be a lot of rumors and not much facts, but we will see.
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    I've seen the "Garibaldi's taking over Golden Corral building" enough times from enough different sources, including people that say they talked directly to staff at the Fuquay location, that I believe it. I think they're just moving very slowly. But generally yes, I'd take anything on NextDoor with a grain of salt, if it's not confirmed by multiple other sources.
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    permit was pulled in Dec for commercial remodel. They had rough in inspections in February. none since then .
    permit # 191827
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    Drivers will soon encounter a new traffic pattern at the Jones Sausage Road interchange with Interstate 40, one that has them briefly driving on what would normally be the wrong side of the road.

    Next week, contractors for the N.C. Department of Transportation will begin converting the interchange into a diverging diamond. They hope to finish the work by October, making Jones Sausage Road the second diverging diamond interchange, or DDI, in the Triangle.

    Two others are under construction, at I-40 and N.C. 42 in Johnston County and on I-40 at Airport Boulevard near Raleigh-Durham International Airport. A fifth is planned at the I-440 Beltline interchange with Wake Forest Road and two more are included in NCDOT’s plans to turn Capital Boulevard into a freeway between Raleigh and Wake Forest.

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    That sucks. Thats the way I go into work at 5am in the mornings
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    The construction will suck, but once it is done it will be so much more free flowing.
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    I drove on one in Atlanta near Braves new stadium. I was a little worried going into that intersection, but everything moved really well and it was easy to understand what was going on., much easier than looking at the picture. When the one at 40/42 is done, plus the added intersection at West View pulling a lot of traffic from 42 going to Clev rd, that whole intersection wil be much improved.
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    My construction bid site list the Glen Rd Food Lion (40/42) as bidding a $1.5 million renovation on 8/2 with construction expected to start 10/2. I would Assume that means that store will stay in place to go along with the new one at 42/Cornwallis.
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    I wonder if it would close for a few months or try to do it while staying open.
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    Others in that price range, are done at night, a little at a time.
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    CLAYTON — The Town Council on July 17 gave an assist to a commercial venture downtown.

    Deep River Brewing owner Paul Auclair and his partners will open Fare Game, an eatery and arcade, at 218 and 220 E. Main St.

    “We’re trying to do great things and bring vibrancy and vitality to downtown Clayton, which I think we’ve already proven we can do,” Auclair told the council

    “Our concept is very simple,” he added. “It’s basically three things wrapped into one. It’s an arcade; we don’t have an arcade in downtown Clayton. It’s a social house and a pub.”

    It will be a social house first, said Auclair, whose brewery is a few blocks west. “It’s about food and drink,” he said. “But all three of those things, you can enjoy independently or all together at once.”

    Auclair walked the council through the space. “We have a horseshoe-shaped bar kind of right in the middle,” he said. “We’ll have a small brick pizza oven as well as a small kitchen.

    “Then scattered throughout we’ll have different arcade games, including pinball machines, Skee-Ball, basketball, all the different Buck Hunters, bubble hockey and all the fun stuff that everyone’s looking for.”

    The food and drink will be varied, especially some of the pizza choices, Auclair said. “It’s wild game options — bear, venison, elk, emu, ostrich,” he said.

    But if wild game isn’t your thing, don’t worry, Auclair said. “We’re not trying to push away clientele who won’t want to eat outside the box,” he said. “So we will have our traditional Neapolitan-style pizzas — cheese pizzas, vegetarian options, the whole gamut.”

    “This is going to be a kid-, family-friendly location,” Auclair said. “Children don’t want, I think, venison pizza, so we’ll have the pepperoni and cheese for them.”

    Turning to the drink menu, Auclair said: “You’ll be able to grab cocktails. We’ll have obviously nonalcoholic options.”

    For its part, the town will sell the owners a 0.08-acre plot that will become Fare Game’s patio.

    “It’s vital to the success of this project,” Auclair said.

    The town will sell the plot for $40,000. In return, Auclair and his partners agree to have the restaurant and arcade ready by year’s end. Also, the two office spaces they will build upstairs must be mostly ready by then.

    “This is one of the last vacant historic buildings on Main Street, so it’s going to be a great addition there,” said Patrick Pierce, the town’s economic development director. “It will really catalyze the rehabilitation of this building and bring a very cool project to town.”!4d-78.4579999!16s/g/11sw49kz46?entry=ttu
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