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    I see they have now put-up silt fence for Publix running roughly along 42 back in the woods. Seems like they are doing the minimum to keep the permit active. Construction entrance a few months back, and now silt fence. They may have a site permit, but no building permit yet.

    update: const equip being delivered to the site, survey stakes up.
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    Sorry for the ignorance but who/what is Garibaldi? I tried googling it but did not give me the information that would help. Thanks
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    Garibaldi Trattoria's Menu (

    they have an existing restaurant in Fuquay and are opening a 2nd at 40/42 in old Golden Corral/Pizza Inn building.
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    The "Chubby's Taco coming soon" sign is up @ the old McDonalds inside the Wal mart @ 40/42. There is also a beauty/nail place gong in between customer service and eye glass place inside Walmart.
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    Does anyone know what is going on with the property in front of the Summit Medical Center on Hwy. 70 in Clayton? Lots of equipment there, erosion control fencing, etc. This is not the site where the Hotel, Popeye's and Outback Steakhouse is being built. It is the property next to it.
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    There is a Take 5 oil change place coming in next to Popeye's. I think the other half of that property is just being graded in preparation for someone else to lease or buy it.

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    I saw now that on the original outback steakhouse and Popeyes site, the hotel pulled out because of building cost. It is now going to be a storage facility. Which sucks because Clayton needs another hotel.

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    UPDATE: Now demoed fully and got signs up for Scooters coming soon.
    Also, NO Target is coming to Lillington, despite rumors.
    T-Mobile and Aspen Dental are coming to Dunn after city officials approve the plans. Go figure.
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    Sorry for the VERY late response
    Popeyes is going in to NC 24 87 in Cameron (SW Harnett County), Near Buffalo Lake Road and Cameron Walmart.
    Starbucks is NOT coming to Lillington; Scooters is, however, coming in its place instead.
    Target is NOT coming to Lillington (possibly moved ideas to Fuquay's Target instead)
    CFA is NOT coming to Erwin (turned into parking lot instead of a Chick Fil A, why Zaxbys?!)
    T-Mobile and Aspen Dental are going in Dunn after regulators approved the zoning request. 2050 W Cumberland Street Dunn (in Harnett Crossing SC)
    Harris Teeter is STILL coming to Lillington (gas moratorium delayed the project of Capeton by several years, possibly next year?)
    Buies Creek Elementary is STILL being moved (alongside with a new school on US 401 near BK and Food Lion)
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    And another one too on US 401 (Fayetteville Road) in Raleigh, Near Costco and Wake Tech CC South Campus. Right near 540.
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  14. markfnc

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    Four Oaks from Triangle Biz. Journal
    A multimillion-dollar manufacturing training facility meant to enhance the regional workforce in Johnston County is closer to becoming a reality.

    Work on the 60,000-square-foot Advanced Manufacturing Workforce Center in the small town of Four Oaks broke ground this month. The center will be operated by Johnston County Community College and has a price tag of more than $35 million. The project is scheduled for completion in May 2025.

    The facility will be built on 16 acres of town-owned land across from Four Oaks Business Park near Exit 87 off Interstate 95.


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    "This center will allow our citizens the opportunity to develop the skills needed to be successful and prepared for the higher-paying manufacturing jobs throughout Johnston County," Four Oaks Mayor Vic Medlin said in a statement.

    "Investments like this one, will allow our future generations to live, work and play in Four Oaks," Medlin said.

    The I-95/I-40 Crossroads of America Economic Development Alliance, an agency focused on attracting industry to southern Johnston County and northern Harnett County, helped land this project. Reid Williams, president of the alliance, said this project — paired with another workforce development center coming to Dunn in Harnett County — will be critical "in our efforts to provide quality, sustainable job growth in our region."

    "It is no secret that workforce is often the deciding factor for companies considering a new location or expansion, and this facility will better position our region to help facilitate that investment and job creation," Williams said.

    Johnston County has been growing fast for years. Between 2022 and 2023, the county's population grew by more than 7,000 residents, up to 241,955, according to estimates from the U.S. Census Bureau. The population was 169,000 in 2010.

    A large part of that growth is the industrial investments and job creation Johnston County has seen, particularly in the life sciences space. Companies like Grifols (Nasdaq: GRFS) and Novo Nordisk (NYSE: NVO) have poured billions of dollars collectively into Johnston County facilities. Novo Nordisk could also be preparing another multibillion expansion at its Johnston County site.

    County officials say the Four Oaks workforce center will lead to more large business investments in the area. In November 2022, the Johnston County Board of Commissioners approved $17.5 million in matching funds to help build the center. Board Chairman Butch Lawter said the center represents his legislative group's "commitment to industrial recruitment and development along the I-95 corridor."
  15. Rockyv58

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    On White Oak Road (right at the border of Wake/Johnston county line) across from the church. It looks like a new construction site. Does anyone now what is going on there? thanks
  16. Shawn S

    Shawn S Member

    I pass there everyday. Im not exactly sure, but there is a sign that says “pipeline construction” so it might just be underground infrastructure rework.
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  17. Rockyv58

    Rockyv58 Well-Known Member

    I usually pass by there on my way home from UNC Rex about 7:50 so the dusk is upon us so i could never see any signage. I wonder why kind of pipeline construction. Cause i know the pipeline from Texas to Selma NC is much further east.
    I was wondering if it would of been part of I-540 or just homes.
  18. BuzzMyMonkey

    BuzzMyMonkey Well-Known Member

    It’s a main transmission line for natural gas I believe. They’ve been popping up at different areas the last several years putting them in I’ve seen it in Youngsville & Roelsville/ Knightdale areas too.
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  19. markfnc

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  20. Smithers

    Smithers Well-Known Member

    I don't see how that's going to ease traffic woes, since they're only widening about one mile. And after that (in either direction), the extra lanes drop and you have to merge into one lane again (in each direction). For northbound traffic, the extra lanes would have to go at least to Timber Dr to be effective. Otherwise, it just becomes what I call the "a-hole lane" where people pass and then cause even more problems when they have to merge back in.

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