New Development Activity in the area

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    You are correct, sorry that was my mistake in jumping the gun. Fixed.
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    okay folks. I went down 42 to the wal mart. I noticed on the left side behind O'Reilly's tons of lumber and other such stuff. Anyone know whats up? Thanks
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    I just saw that today, those are all brand new mud mats, for things like excavators to drive on when it is super muddy. They cleared a trail in the woods back there and a sign said "Troy Job" there. Could be for something related to the water/sewer pipes in the area maybe. I'm going to look into it more.

    Looking further, I think it might be these guys, they do pipelines -
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    Approved rezoning and subdivision plan

    750+ total units + 100,000+ sq ft commercial + new northern connector road progress with future realignment of Covered Bridge Road (to be done by Steeplechase)

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    Fully Approved now

    Status: Rezoning application was approved at the January 4th Town Council meeting. Major Site Plan approved at the February 22, 2021 Planning Board hearing.

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    Awesome !!
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    On Main Street in Clayton, across from Mannings.

    "Crawford Hospitality plans to open Crawford Cookshop this Summer with 3000 square feet indoors and 1000 outdoors right on Clayton’s Main Street. The restaurant will boast a bright, airy floor plan, large U-shaped bar, and garage doors which fully open to the covered and heated patio."

    Crawford Cookshop – opening at 401 Main Street in Clayton this Summer - will be Crawford’s first casual concept project. He plans to bring his signature “superstar” style to an approachable menu, offering simple and delicious “Americana” style cooking from a wood fired grill.

    Crawford fans, and foodie lovers in general, can expect items like house-ground burgers, smoked chicken, chicken and duck wings, smoked duck, beef and pork ribs, and seasonal vegetables for salads. Regular weekly specials will introduce items like Crawford’s Fried Chicken and Prime Rib.

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    Jesse had you seen the site plan for the Food lion at 42/50? I was curious about layout and tie in to Sheetz/42/50
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    They bought the 8.5 acres they own back in Feb 2020. I don't remember seeing Johnston County talk about it in the past year, but it might have actually been approved sometime in 2019. They don't have those minutes online any more unfortunately, I did a bunch of searching around and didn't come up with anything associated with the Tax ID of either piece of land or the addresses listed.

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    Thanks for looking!
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    Another $2B investment in pharma in the southern part of the Triangle. 1725 jobs between the two investments. On top of Gilead Sciences 325 new jobs.
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    Country Lane Conditional Zoning with Master Plan, 2021-20-CZM


    Proposal: Request to rezone property from PD-R to R-8 CZ. The proposed conditional rezoning will allow for the site to be developed as a single-family, detached subdivision for up to 274 lots. It is intended that the development function as a seamless continuation of the homes to the northwest, and is designed to tie-in to these existing streets to provide for connectivity. The site will include amenities for future residents within the subdivision and the design will maximize the preservation of sensitive environmental features located on the property.

    Filings with the town call for lot sizes ranging form 6,000 to 8,000 square feet in size. The community would also feature 58.9 acres of open space and a 1.3-acre amenity area on the western side of the site.

    Plans also show a number of pocket parks interspersed throughout the future community.

    The project will tie into neighboring communities, according to the town.

    Location: Northeast intersection of Jasper Dr.
    Parcel: 05G03026S
    Applicant: WithersRavenel, Inc.
    Project Planner: Jeff Caines, Planner, 919-359-9335
    Status: In staff review. Planning Board recommendation hearing and Town Council final decision hearing TBD.°37'27.1"N+78°28'24.1"W/@35.6238627,-78.4753751,1945m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m14!1m7!3m6!1s0x89ac68aa9cd04215:0x62ebeb3c2e47ca3!2sCountry+Ln,+Clayton,+NC+27520!3b1!8m2!3d35.6240911!4d-78.4747856!3m5!1s0x0:0x0!7e2!8m2!3d35.6241957!4d-78.4733587
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    I noticed that both the Cleveland Spa car wash and Triple Barrel Tavern are being torn down. Anything new going up?

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