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    NC 42 and Cleveland Road are going up there. The Yellow is new roadway, Orange is existing roadway to be resurfaced, Dark Green is existing NC DOT right of way, Light Green is NC DOT new right of way. Red Lines are curbs/medians. Gray is existing road not changed, Gray with diagonal lines is roadway going away, return to grass or curbs.

    This is what the intersection at Technology and 42 will look like as well:

    And this is what Glen/Commerce and 42 will look like:
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    Looks like all that beach traffic going to McDs is going to have to re-route down Glen Rd to Technology, else to Cleveland to get back to 42. Tech and 42 gonna be a busy intersection, as if it isn't already. I see there's a light, but that is going to still have backups. Should be a fun left turn out of the Food Lion/Fast lube on Fridays and Sundays.

    What is the purple?

    Is there any other way out of Peddler's Village to go west, other than to go over the bridge going east and do a Uturn at Aldi? Is that purple behind the current "CVS shortcut" a new access way from Peddlers?

    Do you have any maps further down between Triple Barrel area and 50? Appending them to the previous post would make for a nice continuous outline. Thanks for your ongoing dedication to digging up the info and posting.
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    A lot of the maps are on this thread.
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    Big news on Facebook area sites last night due to this Facebook page. I'm think its not real, just due to locations. I'll look on Johnston county permit/development sites today. Jesse82, you seen anything?
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    OFFICIAL STATEMENT FROM Chick-fil-A Corporate: "Thank you for reaching out. The page you are referring to is not affiliated with Chick-fil-A or any of its independent Restaurant Operators. We apologize for the confusion and appreciate your understanding."

    Corporate has requested that Facebook remove the page as it was a scam, and it looks like as of April 1st, it has been removed.

    That would put the address on this vacant piece of land next to Lowes. It hasn't been sold since early 2017. The current owner is the same that has a lot to do with Smithfield's BBQ and had a lot of controversy in the past (Google the name and look for the articles from about 12 years ago). I have seen several properties in the larger area that the same person owns (the PO Box listed is actually the same as the Smithfield's property owner lists across 42).


    It does say "The Cleveland Crossing location is targeted to open in Summer of 2022." Which is a while away, I wouldn't even expect construction to start until later this year at best. It doesn't take a year to build a small restaurant.

    I have a friend who has worked for the White Oak location for many years, I asked her if she had heard anything, nothing yet. I also reached out to their corporate page. Will update if anything comes from that.°36'24.6"N+78°33'36.8"W/@35.606821,-78.5607632,391m/data=!3m2!1e3!4b1!4m6!3m5!1s0x0:0x0!7e2!8m2!3d35.6068213!4d-78.5602158
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    and nothing on Johnston County development or permit sites on it. That would be a bad location for a Chick Fil A due to traffic.
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    A nearly 5-mile stretch of US Highway 70 is getting an upgrade in Wilson’s Mills.

    The $58 million project will start this spring.

    The North Carolina Department of Transportation said the goal is to improve safety and reduce travel delays on US-70.

    NCDOT said the improvements will include:

    • Construct interchanges at Swift Creek Road and at Wilson’s Mills Road;
    • Close road-level intersections and median openings; and
    • Add service roads to provide new access to businesses and properties along U.S. 70.
    During construction Wilson’s Mills Road will primarily remain open, but Swift Creek Road will close for a year.

    That closure is expected to happen mid to late 2022.

    For more information, click here.
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    Developer assembles land for thousands of homes in Smithfield

    For years, developer Ray Perkins has been quietly assembling land in Smithfield with a vision for a nearly-2,000-acre megadevelopment south of downtown. Now – with the bulk of the land under his control – he has begun courting developers to buy and build it.

    This month, Perkins and his group, NRP Ventures LLC, have begun marketing their plans for the assemblage in Smithfield, with most of it fronting Route 95 and bounded by Mallard Road and Brogden Road, just south of downtown.

    Once complete, Perkins hopes to have 1,934 acres under his control and entitlements for up to 5,315 new homes and 1.65 million square feet of commercial space, according to conceptual plans he shared with the Triangle Business Journal.

    The project has the potential to transform Smithfield, which currently has roughly 13,000 residents, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. And it would continue the dramatic growth in Johnston County, where residents enjoy cheaper land and easy access to Raleigh and other parts of the Triangle.

    Already, Perkins says he has the majority of the assemblage under contract and has talks underway – and some promises made – for the remaining parcels not under his control.

    Of the 1,934 acres, around 1,201 is currently developable, with the rest in buffer zones, wetlands or facing other restrictions. Of that developable 1,201 acres, Perkins says he currently has around 790 acres of land under contract, plus more that can't be developed.

    "Even without me adding anything else, that could be somewhere in the 4,800 to 5,000 units," he says.

    He declined to provide all the precise parcels as he continues to assemble land, out of concern that doing so may attract competing offers for the land he has yet to lock down.

    Perkins plans to file a rezoning request by the end of this year or early January at the very latest as due diligence work kicks off this summer.

    By then, he says plans are expected to include thousands of homes, commercial space and even medical and office high rises – with Perkins envisioning as many as three towers 12 to 15 stories high.

    In the meantime, he continues talks with landowners for remaining and additional parcels.

    Perkins originally targeted the property after studying planned infrastructure improvements and expansions slated for interstate 40, 70 and 540 as well as upgrades planned for additional routes in and around Smithfield.

    The breakthrough came when Perkins locked down a stretch of land fronting I-95 west, stretching roughly from I-70 to Brogden Road.!1s0x0:0x0!7e2!8m2!3d35.490761!4d-78.3309252
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    JS Commerce Center Across Approved for across from Amazon

    Special Use Permit # SUP-SP-20-02
    JS Commerce Center approved by Garner for 2 lots. Lot 1 is 18.21 acres and the proposed building is 276,150 square feet in area(6.3 acres under roof). Lot 2 is 12.63 acres and the proposed building is 88,200 square feet in area(2 acres under roof). The remainder (part of a future Lot 3 is 9.98 acres and will be partially graded for overall site balancing). Both lots could accommodate up to 452 employees. Traffic is predicted to add an additional 20% more than the current Amazon traffic in the AM and 10% more than Amazon in the PM. The size is around 1/2 the size of just 1 floor of Amazon.



    Last month, Raleigh-based Wigeon Capital announced its plans to bring 410,000 square feet of industrial space across five buildings slated for the Greenfield Business Park in Garner.°42'52.8"N+78°35'26.4"W/@35.71467,-78.5928447,699m/data=!3m2!1e3!4b1!4m6!3m5!1s0x0:0x0!7e2!8m2!3d35.7146701!4d-78.5906562
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    Updated with new approvals.
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    Hibbett Sports is opening in Garner near old Kroger's at Timber/70. Not in Kroger's spot, but down past Rodinos.
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    Any ideas of what is happening to the 20+ ac at the corner of Cornwallis/42. I thought that property had been sold and was suppose to get a grocery store as the anchor. Now I see a fairly new sign up offering it again saying they will subdivide. With FL building at 42/50 now I’m wondering if they ever were scheduled to go in the Cornwallis property.
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    It has not changed hands in more than 3 years. It's currently owned by the same people that owned the property where Tractor Supply went. There has been a lot of speculation over the years, but nothing concrete has happened. I think that the Food Lion at 40/42 will probably go away at some point. And with the new one at 42/50 and fairly recent one on Cleveland Road, it would make sense if they built one at 42/Cornwallis. But that is purely speculation.
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    I thought I had read here that the Food Lion across from McDonalds was going to the shopping center at 42 & Cornwallis and that a Carlie C's was going to go into Food Lions old store
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    Yes but still all speculation, nothing has been signed as far as I know yet. There's no rezoning or permits open for any of that yet and nobody owns the land yet. At best that is a year out, at worst, never.
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    Update: plans submitted for Amazon Distribution site in Smithfield. (if not Amazon still a 645,000 sf bldg.)
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    Bojangles coming to NC 50 in Garner, across from the fish fry place almost up to Timber Dr on right hand side heading north.

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