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Discussion in 'Discussion Group' started by Kenwright, Feb 21, 2009.

  1. Kenwright

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    Im looking for a place i could go to do some target shooting with my 45. I am a safe shooter that has been through many handgun safety classes as well as marksmanship training. i clean up all trash and targets as well as pick up brass. i am looking for someone that owns some land atleast 100 yds from any state maintained road or dwelling as for that is the laws governing discharging a firearm. as well as some sort of backstop and in a hill side or dirtmound . i am willing to pay to use your property for the day or however you would like. i am certified through the NC private protection services board as well as registered to attend the fayetteville police departments academy in june. im located off polenta rd and the closest range to me is either raliegh or lillington and cost an arm and a leg for an hour. if you have land and dont mind or know someone that does please email at kenwright910@gmail.com. all i will be shooting is .45 acp no rifles
  2. Hoagie

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    Have you checked the Range on Tryon Rd. near the Garner/Raleigh line? They seemed to be very reasonable.

  3. Kenwright

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    yes ive been there a couple of times but its just to far for me to go for only about an hour or so at 12 mpg lol
  4. Hught

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