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  1. Where’s the best place in this area to get outdoor plants? - quality at a decent price.

  2. DWK

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    If you're not looking for anything special, the big box stores offer decent prices and a good selection of plants. They also usually carry Southern Living brand plants which do well in our growing zone. For more unusual plant species, Atlantic Nursery in Raleigh carries an amazing selection of plants that you can't find at the big box stores, but you'll pay a premium for those. Remember that in our area, where there is an abundance of sand and clay in the soil, it is important to amend the soil, especially if you are trying to grow non-native plant species. Good Luck!
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  3. Sherry A.

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    I can’t remember the name, but there is a great place near Apex. Take a truck, because you will fill it up. It’s either Broderick’s or Broadrick. I just cannot remember, but someone will know what I am talking about
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    Just a reminder that the native plants may not do as well now or in the future as the range is moving. The area has moved one entire USDA hardiness zone since about 1990 so the "older" plants which were barely or even comfortably within the boundary of their range may no longer be viable. If one keeps in mind there are newer species of plants which may be better suited and older species of plants which may not easily survive now.

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    There is Broadwells Nursery on Stage Rd in Angier, it's right off hwy210. There is also Tarheel Nursery right next to it. We've had success with plants we've bought from both places. Broadwell is more trees / shrubs, they also have hosta's,etc. Tarheel is more bedding plants, annual & perennial. Their hanging baskets are a great deal for the money.
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    Thanks, Tassy. I could not remember the name or that it was in Angier. I love Broadwell's.
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