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    "get right" with God, if you haven't already. The only way to do that is by accepting God's Son, Jesus Christ, as Lord and Savior of your life.

    Some real life of testimonies about "getting right" with God... how to do it... and what it does for people, aside from avoiding the Tribulation and having eternal life. Please take the time to listen to these testimonies.

    Ryan - from Sparta, NC - a rebellious drug addicted teenager

    Davey - from England - a drug addicted gang member

    Anita - from Mumbai- a teacher and intellectual Hindu

    Pastor Fong - from CA - a Hollywood kid turned drug dealing hippie

    Dr. Ravi Zacharias' personal tesitmony

    Dr. Zacharias answers questions about religion & Christianity.
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    Amen to that!

    By bringing Jesus into my heart, it changed not only my life but those around me. We had a great sermon at C3 today that really hit me hard - you have to fight for your family, for your brothers and sisters, your sons and daughters. Today's world is just full of sin, distraction, etc. and many people do not have a fighting chance without Jesus in their heart - you can overcome anything with Him.

    Just remember though, a life walking in Christ's image is not easy. It takes sacrafice, it takes hard work, it takes doing something that you may not want to do or comfortable with, but it pays off so, so much. It's all about the next generation, let's not lose them. Don't we want them to have better opportunities than we ourselves have?

    Salvation is easy, it is a free gift from God. But you really have to mean it. It's not a simple, pray the prayer and you are off to heaven. You have to "truly" let him into your heart and grow. That is how you make a difference in the lives of others. It does start with you, but it has to be bigger than that.
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    Since I accepted Jesus I am at peace. I feel that all will be taken care of and it has. My 7 year old accepted Jesus at VBS, and was Baptised 3 weeks ago. Those links are all great.
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    I feel especially blessed that I am able to receive the Lord every week at Mass when I receive his precious Body and Blood. It is the true food for the soul :hurray:
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    those are great, I am also mentally weak and need constant reassurance in my life and have found religion to be the crutch that I use to get by day to day hardships. Instead of act in order to overcome these hardships, I just sit and pray and hope that everything will be ok.
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    I too have found it much "easier" to just let go and let God. Thanks for the links, Ready!
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    Rich's Redneck Food for thought:

    An artist finds value in a blank canvas, and uses his brushes to create his masterpiece.

    A wood carver finds value in a piece of wood, and uses his tools to chip away until the piece is

    A potter finds value in a piece of lumpy clay, and uses his hands to mold and shape the clay into something useful.

    But above all, Jesus finds value in each of us, and used three nails and a cross to complete God’s most beautiful creation, His children!

    Each one of you are precious to Him, let us never forget!
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    That was beautiful!
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    Here's a link to Dr. McGee's Thru The Bible series in print: the bible&gclid=CJqKlquZvZUCFQxzHgodok-JRg

    I use my copies all the time for reference.
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    That's a good price, Kent. Thanks for the link, that's an idea for DH's Christmas gift.
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    Ravi Zacharias, arguably the most famous Christian apologist in recent history, was a sexual predator who manipulated his victims with Jesus.

    The most damning evidence of his behavior was finally released yesterday by the ministry he left behind after his death last year and which is now run by members of his family.

    Before we get into the details of what the report revealed, it’s helpful to remember what we knew before yesterday. After Zacharias died in May — with Vice President Mike Pence speaking at his funeral — former workers at two health spas he owned in Georgia said Zacharias had been “sexually out of control with the female therapists over whom he had professional power.”
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    Thank you for posting this very sobering testimony. As a Christian I have seen many terrible things over the years that some so-called Christians will turn a blind eye to, thereby condoning all sorts of egregious behaviors by their complicit silence. One of the biggest problems, and the reason why I continue to pray, but do not attend church anymore, is that under the leadership of a charismatic and narcissistic pastor, many Christians have the tendency to deify their pastors to an irrational extent, and believe them to be “celebrities”, or sometimes even “God”. In fact, the last time I attended a bible study group, the focus of the weekly discussion concerned “following the pastor without question”. During this meeting, I brought up certain lessons of history in which people had also followed figures of authority with total, lockstep obeisance, and reminded those in attendance what could go wrong if they also complied with this type of enforced groupthink. Of course, most in attendance that night failed to understand what the lessons of history had to do with their being “good Christians” and so were unable to connect the dots. But Christians should be the FIRST to understand that evil can lurk in the most unlikeliest of places, and oftentimes wears its opposite mask in order to first attract and then deceive. There will always be predators among us, who abuse their positions of power by preying on vulnerable people. Our job as Christians should not be to look the other way, or denounce and denigrate the victims of these crimes, but rather to seek the truth and expose the predators wherever and whoever they may be. The conceit of calling yourself “saved” does not protect any Christian from following false leaders who may lead them completely, and irreversibly astray.
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