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    Read in the news of a crash on Cornwallis that killed a young man yesterday. Drove by a crash there a few days ago, car was flipped in ditch. Yesterday also, drove by a flipped car on Government road. Speed kills, and I'm not talking about the drug this time.

    Also, I (and others) have been seeing a rash of red light running in the area and beyond. I have witnessed two at 42 & Amelia Church Rd specifically (42 traffic running the light). Not just the it just turned red kind either, but blatant you had enough time to stop but I am late running the light kind.

    This summer, with all the new drivers out and about, I pray for their safety and yours.
    If you see a teen driver around you, give em space. Let's not tailgate, or cut people off in frustration. Be patient with cyclists, and pass when you are able to safely.

    Let's all be a little kinder and maybe we can all live to see another day.
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