Regarding embryonic stem cell research ...

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Do you feel EMBRYONIC stem cell research is morally ok?

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  2. No

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  3. May God have mercy on us for not stopping this

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  1. David

    David Well-Known Member

    Embryos created in a test tube for research will never be viable without one thing...

    ... a mother.

    These will never be babies, much less viable feti.

    I love how Republicans talk about the importance of family and champion the stay at home mother, then cheapen her by completely throwing her out of the Stem Cell equation.
  2. child-free

    child-free Guest

    If you were in a situation where you could help millions of people, curing a terrible disease, improving treatments for suffering people, or perhaps reversing a genetic defect, would you do it?

    Would you deny other people, who have families, who have a positive impact on society, who touch other people's lives, the treatment that could save them? Just to save a collection of cells that is destined to stay in a freezer or simply be destroyed?

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