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    Took a few photos out there yesterday - https://goo.gl/photos/KX9gXPAJeSYsR6LK6

    Making more progress lately. Unless they stall again, I would think the first houses should be started by the end of the year.

    Right now they are waiting on DOT to install/move the traffic lights in front of Walmart and remove the barrier along 42 so they can work on the new turn lanes and pave that part.

    ROUTER Well-Known Member

    Were the two pieces of property at the entrance supposed to be commercial? If so, I think only one side still has for sale signs up, any idea what the plans are there?
  3. jesse82nc

    jesse82nc Well-Known Member

    Yes, the ones along 42 on either side of the road are zoned commercial still. They are all still owned by Donald and June West.

    This is River Oaks:

    And the apartments back there still have one more phase to grow:
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    They have many of the roads in the neighborhood carved out now. Drove through Sunday and went down several of them. They look like they should have them paved soon enough as well. There is also a sign up for the 3rd phase of Cleveland Green Apartments.
  5. jesse82nc

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    Updated photos and new progress:

    The River Oaks website is not quite up yet, but will be here - https://www.eastwoodhomes.com/find-your-home/division/raleigh?success=1#

    Some of the roads are being completed in the neighborhood:

    Cleveland Green Apartments Phase 3 is also well under way:


    And a new bank? related to agriculture opened just outside the neighborhood:
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  6. jesse82nc

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    Updated photos from 8-20-17:

    Road is striped:

    Street lights and transformers in, also fire hydrants.
    IMG_20170820_102818.jpg IMG_20170820_102853.jpg IMG_20170820_102731.jpg

    Apartments are making very good progress:
    IMG_20170820_102217.jpg IMG_20170820_102242.jpg IMG_20170820_102047.jpg IMG_20170820_102040.jpg IMG_20170820_102137.jpg
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    Probably temporary post
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