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Discussion in 'Discussion Group' started by certdude, Feb 8, 2018.

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  3. ricks99

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    The NC General Assembly explicitly prohibits municipalities from charging impact fees to developers.
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  4. Grinder

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    The Town of Clayton must have missed that memo.
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  5. Harvey

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    It means you pay at the door, not 10 years down the road. It also means you pay to play / direct impact tax. It also means your taxes dollars aren't going to interest payments. Start assessing growth NOW instead of mortgaging it.
  6. certdude

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    Harvey said it right, You pay really ahead of time (before folks move in). That said I get your counter point of developers stop,but I dont see the growth stopping, I see it turning into a problem of economics. Houses become more expensive. They pass the cost onto the buyer. Which is fine by me, you want to live here, you pay to support the are to support you living here.

    I forgot that they cant charge for this, honestly then I would say let the planning boards kick in. Area cant support growth for schools, no new permits. Those same developers which "passed" the law will then demand it be revoked so they can keep building. Less income due to higher cost is better than no income for them.
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    ROUTER Well-Known Member

    We should just build a wall around our area
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  8. DWK

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    I can definitely see a Hadrian's Wall built out of cow pies in our future.
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  9. Wayne Stollings

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    Pssstt you may have to explain the reference to some of the folks later.
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  10. DWK

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    Well, that's what Google is for! Lord knows, I've looked up plenty of stuff that I don't recognize. Also, Wayne, what in the world has happened to your font size? Looks like it shrunk!
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  11. poppin cork

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    That's what she said. :D
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  12. Wayne Stollings

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    It was a whisper ... you know speak softly and carry a big stick. As for google, you would have to hope they got the right answer, which is not always the case .....
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