Seasons first observed snow flake

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    Flew into Canadian Rockies International Airport in Cranbrook, BC today for the first time and then did the 3 hour drive down to Trail, BC. Damn, the rocky mountains were beautiful, and it was weird in that for a few minutes you would have blinding sunshine, the next cloud cover, with small patches of rain, and in one spot I saw a couple of snow flakes.

    Beautiful and leaves were changing, signs all over the place that by October 1st they have to have snow tires or carry tire chains. With all the animal warnings I didn't see any but earlier this week in Ontario, just north of lake Huron I almost hit a bear that jumped in front of me on the highway.

    If you can now is the time to go to Canada, Vaccinations are needed from US visitors and in October they will require all their citizens to be vaccinated for Covid if they want to fly, ride the train, or bus.
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