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Discussion in 'Discussion Group' started by PAtoNC, May 7, 2012.

  1. PAtoNC

    PAtoNC Active Member

    Hello All
    I could not find a thread on this, so I apologize if there is one. I am a single mom of a 5 year old girl. I live in the 40/42 area ( by West View ) and am looking for a group of single parents to meet, discuss issues of being a single parent, have play groups for the kids and so forth. Does anyone know of a group in the area or is anyone interested in starting one?
    Thank you!
  2. gillac

    gillac Well-Known Member

    Check out I have a friend who is fairly active in a group she found on meetup.
  3. Redneck Rich

    Redneck Rich Well-Known Member

    So... how you doin? :drool:

    Nah, I'm jes messin... good luck with the search.
  4. LuvMy4Kids

    LuvMy4Kids Member

  5. VolleyGrl

    VolleyGrl Well-Known Member

    I'm interested in setting up some playdates with some hot single dads. Let me know what you find! :lol: ;)
  6. Redneck Rich

    Redneck Rich Well-Known Member

    Again... how u doing? :drool: lol
  7. PAtoNC

    PAtoNC Active Member

    You are too funny!! So, are you the Joey of the 40/42 area??
  8. PAtoNC

    PAtoNC Active Member

    Will do!! :p
  9. PAtoNC

    PAtoNC Active Member

    Thank you! I will check that website out. If I can't find anything in our area, I may start one up. I have lived in the 40/42 area for about a year and with my schedule ( and shyness ), I haven't met a whole lot of people. Time for a change!
  10. ServerSnapper

    ServerSnapper Well-Known Member

    Where were you girls 4 years ago!!!!
  11. dgsatman

    dgsatman Well-Known Member

    I'll bet you can call him "Joey" if you want to..... :lol:
  12. Redneck Rich

    Redneck Rich Well-Known Member

  13. PirateGirl

    PirateGirl Well-Known Member

  14. PAtoNC

    PAtoNC Active Member

    That I do not doubt!!
  15. PAtoNC

    PAtoNC Active Member

    P.S. Nice profile picture. What an easy way to cut your grass!
  16. Redneck Rich

    Redneck Rich Well-Known Member

    Well, I aint never been accused of bein' much of a thinkin' man but that is a no-brainer in my opinion.

    I like yer profile pic too. Reminds me of peanuts and flight attendants.
  17. PAtoNC

    PAtoNC Active Member

    I don't blame you. I have over 1/2 acre and that would help out a lot. Then again, I pay someone to do I can't complain! HA!

    Thanks! I was going for Looney Tunes , but Peanuts works! :p

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