Stores you would like to see come to 40/42

Discussion in 'Discussion Group' started by Rockyv58, May 30, 2012.

  1. Rockyv58

    Rockyv58 Well-Known Member

    Stores I would to see come to 40/42
    (Closer to 40/42, 40/210 and further from Flowers Plantation)
    Harris Teeter
    Whole Foods

    Super Kmart
    Super Target
    Home Depot

    Olive Garden
    Sweet Tomatoes

    Used or New book store
    Regal Movie Theater
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  2. Allioop

    Allioop Well-Known Member

    Old Navy
    Trader Joe's
    Panera Bread, Carrabbas, Olive Garden, Bonefish, etc (more restaurants that are not fast food!)

    ...just to name a few!
  3. AnnetteL

    AnnetteL Well-Known Member

    I agree that it would be nice to have Harris Teeter closer than on 42E!!
    Besides the one's already mentioned I'd also like to see a Home Goods.
  4. Clif001

    Clif001 Guest

    It's seems, based on the list of stores, that 4042 is full of Yuppies. :mrgreen:
  5. harleygirl

    harleygirl Well-Known Member


    I'd like a Cabelas! :mrgreen:
  6. Rockyv58

    Rockyv58 Well-Known Member

    I didn't realize that a super Kmart and a used book store would make anyone a yuppie.

    Yuppie is such an '80's term. And that's so groovy
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  7. KellBell

    KellBell Well-Known Member

    I would love a decent coffee house (like Aversboro Coffee in Garner), Trader Joes, Panera and Chick-fil-A.
  8. Bass Pro Shop
    carlie C's
    Tractor Supply
    Olive Garden
    Panera bread
    Harris Teeter
    hmmm....all I can think of at this moment

  9. Clif001

    Clif001 Guest

    Maybe not Kmart, but certainly a used book store (especially if there is a coffee barista on premises).

    But other stores mentioned such as Trader Joe's, Panera Bread, Carrabbas, Olive Garden, Bonefish Grill, and the king of yuppie grocers Harris Teeter are all indications of yuppiehood.

    My apologies with not keeping up with modern terminology (another aspect of yuppiedom). What are y'all called today? Hipsters? Yankees? Sell Outs?

  10. Rockyv58

    Rockyv58 Well-Known Member

    No problema. And groovy is so '60's (showing my age there). I wouldn't mind a used book store with a coffee bar. But I so detest the word barista. That word is so Starbucks (and friends don't let friends drink starbucks).

    I would also like to see a used record\CD store.
  11. kdc1970

    kdc1970 Guest

    I think with the advent of e-readers, used books stores will be few and far between.
  12. Clif001

    Clif001 Guest

    Now that I wouldn't mind, especially if they have a well stocked import section.

    I do miss Tower Records. :)
  13. Savealot

    Savealot Well-Known Member

    We live on the 42 east side of Clayton. I would like to have a Lowes home improvement store closer than - Smithfield,Knightdale or 40/42. Hey maybe Becky can make that happen! :)
  14. Straitlover

    Straitlover Well-Known Member

    Not exactly 40/42, but the new Carlie C's opens in Garner next week!
  15. barney726

    barney726 Well-Known Member

    whats so great about charlie c's? we tried their rib eye steaks. tough. did not see anything special in the benson charlie c's.
  16. Clif001

    Clif001 Guest

    Ok, now, I'm confused...

    Is it "Carlie C's" or "Charlie C's"?
  17. BuzzMyMonkey

    BuzzMyMonkey Well-Known Member

    no surprise there
  18. Buc

    Buc Well-Known Member

    Home Depot
  19. barney726

    barney726 Well-Known Member

    sorry for the confusion. not the best typist or speller. my brain knew it was carlie c's.
  20. bostonredhead

    bostonredhead Well-Known Member

    On the Border
    a Thai restaurant
    a good clothes store

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