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Discussion in 'Discussion Group' started by Right2Be, Apr 7, 2005.


Which sub shop gets your vote

  1. Jersey Mike's 40/42

  2. Quizno's

    0 vote(s)
  3. Subway

    0 vote(s)
  4. Blimpies

    0 vote(s)
  1. Right2Be

    Right2Be Well-Known Member

    Which one gets your vote??
  2. tawiii

    tawiii Guest

    Amazing, but it's still none of the above.
  3. daniellea

    daniellea Well-Known Member

    Jersey Mike's, of those choices... but the bread's a little hard for it to be perfect...
  4. YaYa

    YaYa Well-Known Member

    Hey Daniella... what is the answer to your Avatar?
  5. daniellea

    daniellea Well-Known Member

    The answer?? Hmm....
  6. YaYa

    YaYa Well-Known Member

    Uh yea that is what I asked.. I was just wondering because i thought it was funny.. where do you get avatars like that
  7. Anonymous

    Anonymous Well-Known Member

    I agree with your avator also she is not only insane but obnoxious also
  8. daniellea

    daniellea Well-Known Member

    I made it myself. I'm not naming names, but she knows who she is...
  9. Anonymous

    Anonymous Well-Known Member

    Okay.. not starting rumors, justing putting pieces together from the post.
    Did Ms. Petition call your boss???
  10. Anonymous

    Anonymous Well-Known Member

    My favorite sub chain is a New England chain called D'Angelo's. I wish there were some down here in North Carolina. They are far superior to anything on the poll.
  11. Anonymous

    Anonymous Well-Known Member

    Little Dinos...........42/40
  12. tassy

    tassy Well-Known Member

    OMG.... I haven't thought of that sub shop in years.. I loved them, we had one on Route 9 in the Wellesley/Natick area of Mass. We used to go there during lunch when we were seniors in high school. They used to have the best seafood salad sub!
  13. Ecugyrl

    Ecugyrl Well-Known Member

    The best subs I ever ate were in benson at the old Brothers Famous Subs adn Pizza. They always never had a good rating, but their food was the bomb and the subs were the best, I cant find anything that is even similar to that same great taste.

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  14. momz x 2

    momz x 2 Well-Known Member

    none of the above........

    fire house subs in cary.....
    now yer talkin!!!!!
  15. harleygirl

    harleygirl Well-Known Member

    You made that yourself? What program did you use? I have some ideas for a homemade avatar!!! :wink:
  16. le

    le Well-Known Member

    hey sal!
    where is the sub place you mentioned, exactly please?
  17. Cleopatra

    Cleopatra Well-Known Member

    I wish there was a Zero's around here.
  18. CraigSPL

    CraigSPL Well-Known Member

    See my response in the other thread about subs.


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