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Discussion in 'Discussion Group' started by QueenBee, Mar 1, 2012.

  1. QueenBee

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    I tried to do a search but didn't find anything in the past where people asked about summer pool memberships. Does anyone know of pools in the 40/42 area that allow families outside of the neighborhood join? Thanks!
  2. Kelyel

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    This is a topic I know a bit about....

    OUTDOOR Pools in our area that have summer memberships of some sort:

    Riverwood family of pools (there are 3 or 4 now)
    Turner Farms Pool
    McGee's Crossroads Pool
    Clayton Family Pool (the "old" pool)
    Edgebrook Pool (In Garner)
    Victoria's Pool ???
    Glen Laural??
    Hampton Ridge??
    Heather Hills ??
    Four Oaks ??
    Blackman's X Roads ??

    As this info changes nearly every year... take it all with YMMV knowledge.

    Riverwood offered a yearly package that included golf and had some sort of JoCo Teachers discount. I thought it was a bit $, but we do not golf.

    Turner Farms - Prices & rules changed last spring. Someone said they were not 'open' for summer renters.

    McGee's Pool- Has had a waiting list but you can contact them via FACEBOOK. (Summer rentals were $400.00 last season + Swim team) They have the longest operational hours with Life Guards + on-site food.

    Clayton Family Pool - Older pool, somewhat smaller no swim team.

    Edgebrook Pool - Also smaller but has a "Kick-Fins" swim team.
  3. Kelyel

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  4. lightningmcqueen

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    We have been members at The Neuse Pool at Flowers Plantation for 6 years. It's always quiet and affordable and you're not locked into a year round monthly fee. I think the cost is $385 for the summer right now. can get you more info.
  5. bostonredhead

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  6. pkc789

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  7. Grinder

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    The Pineville Club allows outside memberships for now. Once a certain number of "The Village at Flowers Plantation" house owners is reached, all those with outside memberships will not be allowed to renew their Pineville Club membership once it ends.

    So basically, unless you live in "The Village", you are SOL for the Pineville Club.
  8. pkc789

    pkc789 Well-Known Member

    yes, but for this season it won't be full.
  9. lightningmcqueen

    lightningmcqueen Well-Known Member

    isn't Pineville a yearly contract? I didn't think they had a just summer membership like their former Neuse River Parkway Rec Center offers.
  10. pkc789

    pkc789 Well-Known Member

    probably because like Riverwood, they have an indoor and fitness center
  11. lightningmcqueen

    lightningmcqueen Well-Known Member

    That's what I thought. I was just checking since we used to be members. I assumed the person who started this thread wanted a summer only, not a year-round membership someplace.
  12. Kelyel

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    BENSON has a family shareholder pool that sometimes has summer renters.
  13. kazollo

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    Hampton Ridge has a great pool and is only around 300!
  14. bostonredhead

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    Whatever happened to the planned Cleveland public pool by the GCAA?
  15. Kelyel

    Kelyel Well-Known Member

    the COST to build was too $$$
  16. Kelyel

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    Summer Pools?

    a bit of follow up:

    What do you want in a SUMMER Community pool experience?

    Clean Pool (Safe water)
    Lifeguards (Safe Swimming)
    Concession Stand (Food) (Drinks) Etc?
    Swim Team
    Swimming Lessons
    Long Hours of Operation
    Diving Boards
    Water Splash Park

    What Else?

  17. jesse82nc

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    Started a map, I'll update it as I gather all the info. If anyone has links to the webpages, I will post them.

    Map of pools in the area

    Also any addresses would be great as it is very hard to find some of them.
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  18. lightningmcqueen

    lightningmcqueen Well-Known Member

    Neuse River Parkway Recreation Center

    865 Neuse River Pkwy at Flowers Plantation
  19. jesse82nc

    jesse82nc Well-Known Member

    Added, if anyone has any more, let me know. I will keep adding them. If you have their website as well as address that helps too!
  20. lightningmcqueen

    lightningmcqueen Well-Known Member

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