Sun Junkie tanning Salon at 40/210

Discussion in 'Discussion Group' started by the2popes, Jan 27, 2009.

  1. the2popes

    the2popes Active Member

    Is that gone? I tried calling it today and said the number had been disconnected? I haven't been in a couple of years, and haven't really noticed if it's even still there.
  2. Oneqwkchk

    Oneqwkchk Well-Known Member

    I know last year the owner was selling, but haven't paid it much mind since then. I go to that shopping center every once in a while and i'll look when I go today.
  3. ShrtnSwt

    ShrtnSwt Well-Known Member

    Gone! Premiere will be getting or has gotten tanning beds.
  4. Oneqwkchk

    Oneqwkchk Well-Known Member

    Wow!! I had no idea!
  5. the2popes

    the2popes Active Member

    Awww, I hate that...and I refuse to tan at the video store...that's not even a good combination. : )
  6. KellBell

    KellBell Well-Known Member

    I agree. that's just weird. and dumb.
  7. michelle

    michelle Well-Known Member

    It sure is! Who thunk up that one?
  8. cellguy

    cellguy Guest

    the old owner didnt sell she was kicked out, they gave me a chance to see if i could make it work but it was not worth it in this economy,premier video is suppose to buy the beds but have not yet
  9. michelle

    michelle Well-Known Member

    Go to this website and there are some coupons for T's Sun Tanz along with some other great coupons for businesses in the Clayton area.

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