SW Corner of Corwallis and NC 42

Discussion in 'Discussion Group' started by jesse82nc, Aug 27, 2019.

  1. jesse82nc

    jesse82nc Well-Known Member

    Noticed a new sign saying something about a shopping center anchored by a grocery store. I can't find anything in the records or online about it yet.

    I doubt a Food Lion would go in since there there are 2 close by already. And we have a Lowes at Shotwell and 70 and at 42 and 50 already. Any ideas?
  2. mylittle_man

    mylittle_man Active Member

    My understanding (what I have heard)... the current Food Lion at 40/42 will be closing over the next couple of years. They will then be building 2 new food lions. One being at cornwallis/42 and the other 42/50 area.
  3. jesse82nc

    jesse82nc Well-Known Member

    That would suck, Food Lion is about my least favorite supermarket in NC. Would be awesome to have a Publix, Wegmans, or Harris Teeter somewhere between White Oak, 40/42, and the west side of Clayton.
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  4. Auxie

    Auxie Well-Known Member

    A Publix would help the other local grocery stores with business. I've never seen a higher priced store than Publix.
  5. 1_more_PitBull

    1_more_PitBull Well-Known Member

  6. Makes me think that FL going into the spot isn't a done deal based on the ambiguity of the wording on the sign. Maybe something a little nicer will go in that location. Nothing against FL in general but the higher end grocery stores seem to bring in nicer restaurants and stores into the shopping centers in general. I guess we will have to wait and see.

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