Tiny House Project Approved for Selma

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    Town of Selma Approves Zoning Permit!

    The Town of Selma Economic Development Department approved the zoning permit March 28, 2019 to build this unique Tiny Home in the West Historic Property Zone. Careful research went into designing this unique Tiny Home to ensure it met the criteria for the Town of Selma’s Historic Zone. This national model first of its type Tiny Home has opened communication between citizens, businesses, schools, and organization on what a true Tiny Home is in the State of North Carolina.

    Creating History, Today!!

    This project shows the Town of Selma's dedication to new green technology, lower carbon footprint, reducing greenhouse (GHG) emissions, and less expensive to maintain Tiny Homes, while attracting new growth.

    How is this Project Different?

    The first of its type Tiny Home in Selma, Johnston County and North Carolina. This Tiny Home will be the first to incorporate all the following:

    ● Zero Net Energy
    ● Americans with Disabilities Act Compliance
    ● Recycled Steel Framing ( Termite Proof)
    ● Soy Based Foam insulation ( mold and mildew resistance, supports agriculture, maintains its R factor, losing only 3% over the lifetime of the structure)
    ● Using Renewable Source of Energy (solar)
    ● Built to withstand 140 mph Winds
    ● Designed with Architectural elements to complement surrounding homes

    Energy Efficient Tiny Homes built with full Americans with Disabilities Act standards (ADA) compliance allows people to age in place while easing the shortage of both affordable and disability accessible homes for citizens of all ages, physical abilities, and income levels. Uniquely Building History© Tiny Home will complement the surrounding historic homes with period architectural details and style. The better building standards and energy efficient design greatly reduced maintenance costs, and ADA compliance features will increase surrounding property values and be a treasured home in the Town for decades to come. Uniquely Building History© National Model Tiny Home is a community action project. Partnerships being formed now between schools and business will greatly benefit not only the schools and business, but the community as well. Giving students real world experience and an opportunity to work with local business allows them to get to know people in the industry and gives business leaders an opportunity to see the talent coming into the workforce.

    Support for the Project

    The project’s lead sponsor is Braswell Custom Construction under the leadership of Wade Braswell, Owner. Tyndall Engineering & Design,PA. sponsors the blueprints. DMS PING sponsors the website. The project also has the support of Dean Joy Callahan, Johnston Community College as her students are slated to have practical, hands-on plumbing and HVAC work as part of their building trades degree projects. Mayor Pro Tem, Jacqueline J. Lacy, Town of Selma endorses the project. The

    EmeraldPlanet TV is creating a televised program from concept-to-completion on this highly energy efficient LEED style Tiny Home. Miss Lane says, "This is very exciting as The EmeraldPlanet TV has a national and international audience." The EmeraldPlanet weekly television programs (http://www.emerald-planet.org /?cat=99) are being broadcast and distributed via Channel 10 TV in Fairfax, Virginia USA. The programs are available for television stations around the United States and then overseas by the Internet and C-SPAN TV. At this time The EmeraldPlanet is currently available for all 214 countries and territories around the world. The EmeraldPlanet television home base has over five [5] million potential viewers including one of the world's most important capital cities, Washington, D.C. Among the officially registered 7,300 non-profit organizations in Washington, D.C. the EmeraldPlanet is the only organization to have its own global weekly broadcast television program covering the latest sustainable environmental and economic development issues, policies, and technologies. The Uniquely Building History© project is the brainchild of Sherry Lane.

    A most active public servant who is physically challenged and understands the needs of Selma’s disabled which make up 17% of our Town’s citizens. Miss Lane sat on the Community Advisory Committee deciding the future repurposing of the Harrison Middle School building which is now a fully functioning and welcoming Senior Center. She has also volunteered with the Selma Parks and Recreation Department on various community activities projects. She actively participates as a concerned citizen with the Selma Historic Properties Commission. She fully researched and provided advice to the Town Council on remediation of inaccessible walkways and continues to interact with members of the Council on issues of great concern.

    Last year the Town of Selma received a grant to place access ramps on twenty walkways for more disability access. "I love the Town of Selma” she says. "There is so much history here to enjoy and Selma is the perfect place to make more history by building my permanent Tiny Home here", says Lane. Miss Lane has spoken before the Smithfield-Selma Rotary Club and the Selma Lions Club about this project and its implications for benefiting the entire Town.
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    Missed this one. Love that they're building these tiny homes for the disabled, especially since the price of homes and rents are continuing to increase in Joco. Good for Selma for recognizing the problem of affordable housing for the disabled and doing something about it. Here's hoping that other towns will follow their compassionate example.
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