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    Awww..........shoot HG. Keeping my fingers crossed for her and you. :grouphug:
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    Girl I'll be rooting for Mattie. Lots of hugs and belly rubs and as much tuna as she will eat! :grouphug:
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    Sheba has renal failure, too. She had lost a lot of weight, but she's been on prescription cat food for a while and has gained some of it back. Good luck!
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    Sending you and Mattie hugs, strength and lots of positive energy... Keep us informed on how she is doing. Have they started her on a special diet yet? In dogs (if I am remembering correctly - it was almost 8 years ago when we had this situation) when they have kidney failure they need a low protein diet because it is harder for their kidneys to process protein - not sure about kitties...

    But I am sure Dr Debbie will tell you everything you need to do for her.
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    I can't tell you the emotional rollercoaster ride we have been on today.

    Mattie cat got back home about 6 tonight, has eaten a whole can of tuna (i mixed in about 1/2 cup of water to dilute it), 1/4 cup of her dry food, little bit of water, crapped for the first time since last week and is peeing normal amounts.

    She goes back tomorrow for more fluids and bloodwork to see where her levels are. After that, I HAVE to keep her eating and hydrated. SO.... went to PetsMart and bought canned food and some different hard food, tuna from BJ's and am cooking a whole chicken just for her tomorrow.

    Dr Debbie gave her some meds to make her hungry. They seem to be working, so far. Mattie HATES her bandage on her little arm she keeps trying to *throw* it off.

    Thank you so much for your support, I can't imagine her not following me all over the house or not taking naps with DH on the couch.

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    Oh HG... I wish I could make it all better :grouphug:
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    HG, call me if you need me.....

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    House Bill 1380 passed?!?! :)
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    update on Mattie?? How is she doing??

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    Went in today for MORE fluids, her levels came up a little bit but not where they should be. If we can get her to drink and eat she may have a year, if not .. it's less than that. We are going to try a syringe (sp) with water SEVERAL times a day to hydrate her AND run the water in the bathtub for her (she loves that).

    With all the fluids, IV's, tuna with a **** load of juice and canned food; her stinkeys are less solid, she crapped all over the floor in the laundry room (not her fault) beside her litter box. My guess is that she just couldn't get there in time and had to go really really really bad.

    We are NOT going to take Mattie cat back in, it's EXTREMELY STRESSFUL for her and our lifestyle is SO not. She won't even let us hardly touch her now. She stepped in her crap on the floor and I had to give her a bath today and she was *growling* and *hissing* at me, which she NEVER does when she gets a bath. She's done being poked and prodded at this point. So ... I'm going to give her EVERY option of food to eat on different plates and LOADS of love until the end.

    Who kows she might be a fighter like Shelby girl and live for another 4 years.

    I hope so. She's DH's baby.
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    I am so sorry. :grouphug: Personally, I think you are doing the right thing not to stress her out further. She deserves to be at home and in peace as long as possible.
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    HG....thinking of you. Good gosh...I gotta get it together! I've been bawling my eyeballs out for 10 minutes after reading your post. You did something right with your Shelby girl...love 'em while u got 'em. That's my philosophy!
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    Couldn't have said it better. :grouphug:
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    I wasn't joking about the ML. ;)

    Will she drink beer?
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    aww, so sorry to hear all this HG. :grouphug:
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    awwwwwwww :grouphug: to y'all and Mattie!

    I am a firm believer in quality of life vs. quantity of life, for people amd pets!

    Have you tried diluting the liquid from the can of tuna with water and seeing if she might drink that?
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    death is knocking at all of our doors

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