When is Ikea opening in Cary Town Center?

Discussion in 'Discussion Group' started by ncmingomama, Mar 10, 2018.

  1. ncmingomama

    ncmingomama Member

    Does anyone know when Ikea is opening in Cary Town Center? Thanks
  2. ncmingomama

    ncmingomama Member

    nevermind, just found the "projected opening date" summer 2020.
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  3. markfnc

    markfnc Well-Known Member

    Plan is to start moving the mall tenants that are still at the Sears end of the mall into the open/vacant spaces at the Belk's/Dillard's ends later this year. End of year tear down Macy's and Sears and mall in between. start construction early 2019 on Ikea and open 2020. Not sure if Ikea will connect to mall or not. the Mall should hope so, or made that part of the agreement.
  4. jesse82nc

    jesse82nc Well-Known Member

    Assuming there are no delays, and we all know how large construction projects go...

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