Wow 16.5 million dollars

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  1. Rockyv58

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    U.S.A IRS Address:1111 Constitution Ave., NW; Washington, DC 20224

    Greetings From The Internal Revenue Service United States of America.
    Your total funds worth $16.5 million USD will be delivered to your home
    address through ATM Card Delivery Via USPS.
    Your ATM Card has been activated and deposited with USPS already; so kindly
    update us with:

    1. Your Full Name which you prefer we use when shipping your ATM
    2. Your Current mailing (Delivery) Address where your ATM Card should be
    mailed to............
    3. Your Private Mobile Number for the Priority Express Mail to Contact you
    when they arrive at your door step...........
    4. Your direct telephone Number........................
    5. A copy of your identification card or driver licence...................
    Reply this email with the below contact details immediately you receive this
    email for immediate shipment of your ATM Card.....

    Yours Sincerely,
    IRS Commissioner,
    Mr. John Koskinen
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  2. Wayne Stollings

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    They had to borrow the money from a Nigerian Prince .....
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  3. Rockyv58

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    NC 28255-0001 U.S.A

    Attn Dear Esteem Customer,

    Your total SCAM VICTIM COMPENSATION FUNDS worth $86 Million USD
    is waiting to be credited to your account for ONLINE BANKING transfer
    as soon as we hear back from you with your contact details such as,

    1. Your Full Name ====
    2. Your Residential Address ===
    3. Your Private Mobile Phone Number===
    4. Your direct telephone Number====
    5. Your private Email address ===
    6. Your other Email addresses====
    7. Your Next of kin Email address===
    8. Your next of Kin Phone Number===
    9. Sex/ age===
    11. A Copy of your valid ID card or Passport==

    Thanks for banking with us
    I await your urgent response.


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  4. Rockyv58

    Rockyv58 Well-Known Member

    Good Day ,

    Have you received your funds of $10.5 Million dollars from the IRS / Homeland office If not contact the information below, this Mail has been securely verified from the office of the United States Department Of Treasury.

    United States Department of Homeland Security
    Office Address : Federal Government Office 300 7th St SW
    Email :
    Secretary : Mrs Kirstjen Nielsen

    We are happy to inform you that at our office here in Washington we recover the sum of Ten Million five hundred thousand United State dollars from some Africa, Asia, United Kingdom and even here in the State from internet fraudster and gang with the help of international Criminal Committee and also the {F.B.I}.

    Reason for contacting you is that we have found your email to be amongst the people whom are to be compensated with the sum above as your email and name has fallen among our list to pay, you don't have to worry as long as you follow the right instruction from Mrs Kirstjen Nielsen who is to approve and direct your payment/funds to you.

    We have inform Mrs Kirstjen Nielsen to make arrangement of your payment to you which we believe is ready now and has been confirmed that as soon as you contact her then there should not be any delay or problem on this as this is 100 Percent legitimate.

    Now understand that the United State Government or the Department of Treasury will not hold your payment for any reasons as long as this email gets to you and is acknowledged by you. As soon as you receive this email you should be aware that you have been selected to receive the payment without any delay it does not matter which country you are from you are to understand that your payment is ready to be sent to you any where around the world. This email have been confirmed and verified by the United States Government before it is been sent to you so be free to contact Mrs Kirstjen Nielsen in order for her to complete this transaction for you once and for all.

    The IRS / Homeland have been waiting for you to get back to them all this time i see no reason why you should abandon your funds. Also make sure you Re-confirm your information to the IRS / Homeland to avoid any mistake.

    You can also confirm your information below to the Homeland Security

    Full Name :

    Full Home Address :

    Tel Phone Number :


    Valid ID CARD:

    Contact the IRS / Homeland as soon as this mail get to you to avoid any delay of your payment . Mrs. Charity Donalds have received her funds of $10.5 Million a week ago.

    Your email will be responded to as soon as you confirm your information as we will treat your case urgent and release your payment of Ten Million five hundred thousand United State dollars ($10.5 Million ) to you please you are only adviced to contact us if you have not received your payment.

    Homeland Security US Department
    Federal Government Office
    300 7th St SW

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