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  1. Wayne Stollings

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    I do not use this, but some may.

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    Download your Facebook account .zip off their site, unzip it, then go to the HTML folder, open the contact_info.htm file. See records of who you've talked to on your cell—not with the app, just on your regular cellphone—and for how long.

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    Oh wow my deleted Facebook Zip file contains info on every single phone cellphone call and text I made for about a year- cool totally not creepy.
    4:25 PM - 23 Mar 2018
  2. BobF

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    I've never trusted Facebook and it will be a cold day in Hell before I would ever create a Facebook account...

    ...or any social media account, for that matter. Entrusting my personal life to proprietary software and EULA contracts that are intentionally obtuse is just really dumb.
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  3. BobF

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    Interesting article here:

    It's chilling enough to see what Facebook knows, but who Facebook shares that info with without your knowledge is even scarier.

    If I need to keep up with my friends and family, there's the phone and email. Not perfect, but still better than having every mouse-click logged for Posterity.
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  4. Hught

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    Never been on Facebook, but someone pointed out to me the other day, Users are not the customers, they are the product Facebook sells.
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