Happy Juneteenth!

Discussion in 'Discussion Group' started by DWK, Jun 18, 2021.

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    Two separate holidays celebrated for different reasons:

    Juneteenth Holiday: June 19th Celebration for the Emancipation of African American Slaves in the United States and for the abolition of slavery after the Civil War.

    Independence Day Holiday: July 4th Celebration for American Independence from British Monarchy Rule after the Revolutionary War.

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  2. Rockyv58

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    He just enacted it yesterday afternoon. Does that mean no mail delivery today?
  3. DWK

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    You’ll get your mail today because like you said, they just enacted it yesterday, but you probably won’t get it next year.
  4. Wayne Stollings

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    There will be delivery today and tomorrow, as that is the 19th ... for this year.

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