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Discussion in 'Discussion Group' started by jesse82nc, Aug 14, 2020.

  1. Rockyv58

    Rockyv58 Well-Known Member

    It'd like a grocery and shopping desert. would love to see all those stores you mentioned come closer as well as Home Depot, Staples, Coastal Federal CU (to re-open branches again in Johnston), ETC.
  2. jesse82nc

    jesse82nc Well-Known Member

    I'd love to see a Carrabba's closer than a 40 minute drive away. Here's just a few that I searched.


    Harris Teeter
    harris teeter.jpg
    Home Depot
    home depot.jpg
  3. markfnc

    markfnc Well-Known Member

    any news on that Target? Buies Creek/Lillington??
  4. jesse82nc

    jesse82nc Well-Known Member

    Not on Target's official list. I couldn't actually find anything online regarding any of these.

    Another great one with a big gap. Chick-fil-A
  5. Rockyv58

    Rockyv58 Well-Known Member

    Question: Does anyone know if Anything is going to be built on the corner of Cleveland School and Cornwallis? Where the old fruit/veggie stand use to be. Across from the Hardees. I once heard they were going to build another Sheetz there. But it looks to small for what they need, Thanks

  6. Smithers

    Smithers Well-Known Member

    See this post. Behind the property you're talking about, they are likely going to build apartments.

    As for the corner lot itself, I can't find any info on plans for it. But 3.76 acres is plenty large enough for a Sheetz. The Sheetz with a car wash at 50/210 is 2.64 acres. This lot is 2.8 miles from the next Sheetz, which seems a little close to me. But anything is possible...
  7. jesse82nc

    jesse82nc Well-Known Member

    The two Sheetz on 42 west of Clayton are 2.5 miles apart. Several others are 3-4 miles apart. So you never know. But all I have heard are the same apartments.
  8. panthersdude2001

    panthersdude2001 Well-Known Member

    aand its demoed. scooters and popeyes is coming to lillington, with the latter going in cameron near buffalo lake rd
  9. Rockyv58

    Rockyv58 Well-Known Member

    The Apartments I heard about were the ones across from where the used car lot is. Right where the sheds for sale are currently. Across from where Allen Road meets Cleveland School Road.
  10. jesse82nc

    jesse82nc Well-Known Member

    I believe the property outlined is where the apartments were being planned. The red star is the Hardee's.

  11. Rockyv58

    Rockyv58 Well-Known Member

    Did not know that property had been sold yet. I keep seeing the sign for 52 acres for sale. But do you remember where the fruit stand where Hardee's use to be? He had moved to where the storage units across the street from the used car lot. But the fruit stand eventually closed. Last year some nice folks from C3 church did some yard work for me and I was told back then that the guy who owned the fruit stand eventually closed due to the fact that the owners of that parcel kept raising his rates. He eventually closed up and move to the farmers market as i recall. They kept raising his rates because they wanted to be able to build apartments there.
  12. lgb0250

    lgb0250 Well-Known Member

    The last I saw the 52ac plot was put before the county commissioners as an industrial park and was turned down!
  13. markfnc

    markfnc Well-Known Member

    @panthersdude2001 where did you see those? I went back and looked at Lillington meeting minutes for the 2 moths either way of your original post and can't see anything.
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  14. Judge Smails

    Judge Smails Well-Known Member

    I called the planning department last year at some point and was told that the corner of Cornwallis and Cleveland - the vacant lot where people often set up for yard sales and such - was slated for either a Circle K or Kangaroo convenience store. It slips my mind which one, but was it wasn't a Sheetz. I wouldn't bet any amount of money that mattered on that being true, but that's what the gentleman at the planning department said.
  15. Rockyv58

    Rockyv58 Well-Known Member

    If anything I would love to see a 7-11 with gas pumps put there. Or even better maybe even a WaWa :) Just MHO.
  16. jesse82nc

    jesse82nc Well-Known Member

    Nothing near that corner has changed hands in since at least 2019. The northwest corner is the only one not owned by an individual, CWE-2, LLC. Bought about 5 years ago.
  17. markfnc

    markfnc Well-Known Member

    7-11 going in near Hardees on 42, near Hospital.
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  18. markfnc

    markfnc Well-Known Member

    UNC Health to spend a lot in Clayton (NC 42) and Smithfield Hospital
    From Triangle Biz. Journal
    UNC Health Johnston has proposed more than $100 million worth of expansions at hospitals in Clayton and Smithfield to support the growing population in Johnston County.

    The health system has filed applications with the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services outlining its plans to add 24 acute care beds across its two campuses in Johnston County. Additionally, UNC Health Johnston plans to consolidate and expand its women's and maternal care services offered at the two campuses.

    The applications are in response to the 2024 State Medical Facilities Plan, which identifies a need for 24 beds in Johnston County to meet patient demand. UNC Health Johnston was the only health care provider to submit applications to the state for the needed beds.

    The proposals are the latest example of UNC Health looking to expand its services across the region. The health care provider has recently spent millions on land in Chatham County and the Research Triangle Park area for future expansions. UNC Health is also in the early planning stages of what would be the state's first freestanding children's hospital. The health care provider is beginning to look for a potential site in the Greater Triangle area for the facility, which could cost up to $3 billion.

    UNC Health Johnston proposes adding 12 acute care beds to both campuses in Johnston County — the Clayton facility is on Highway 42 and the Smithfield facility is on Brightleaf Boulevard.

    Adding the 12 beds in Clayton will provide much-needed capacity to a facility that currently operates only 50 acute care beds in a fast-growing area, UNC Health Johnston says in its application. The facility's proximity to fast-growing communities in southern Wake County further exacerbates the need for more beds.

    The system plans to consolidate its women's and maternal care services to its Clayton facility. This means relocating obstetrics beds, a C-section room and three neonatal beds from the Smithfield campus. UNC Health Johnston also plans to add three neonatal beds in Clayton.

    UNC Health Johnston says the consolidation of its women's services will "enable UNC Health Johnston to deliver more efficient and effective care to its patients in Johnston County and the communities surrounding Clayton."

    Overall, the proposed projects in Clayton involve 67,130 square feet of new construction and 18,550 square feet of renovated space, according to application documents. The project has a total capital cost of about $94.8 million.

    In its application, the health system says that recruiting obstetricians to cover two hospitals in Johnston County can be challenging in a highly competitive market like the Triangle. The consolidation will "increases the timeliness and quality of care" that its physicians can provide.

    "This limited supply of obstetricians makes call coverage more burdensome with two campuses, and increases the number of physicians needed compared to the number that would be required if deliveries were performed at a single hospital," UNC Health Johnston says in its applications.

    The Smithfield project proposes adding 12 acute care beds using about 5,150 square feet in an existing bed tower. These beds would function as progressive care unit beds, which would provide care for patients of greater complexity. This project has a capital cost of about $7.8 million.
  19. jesse82nc

    jesse82nc Well-Known Member

    Crazy how that cost adds up so fast. $94.8M for 67k sq feet is up there.
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  20. markfnc

    markfnc Well-Known Member

    Garibaldi received their bldg. final on feb 20. received mech/elect/fire alarm finals a few days earlier. Saw them setting up tables and chairs a few nights back.

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