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Discussion in 'PC Help Desk' started by sirputz, Dec 16, 2020.

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    HELP!!!!! I had bought a Pi4 a while ago. and eventually Retropie gave us an acceptable emulator. HOWEVER, I am too stupid to figure out how to download the image to the Pi and get the thousands of games i have to play. I can see the games on my memory card, I just need someone who understands this stuff to be able to come to the house, show me what to do, and get me set up for the different files i need. It keeps saying something about the archiver (xarchiver is not working for some reason) not working. I just don't understand enough about Rpi4. if you can get me up and running, you are welcome to kick my butt in a few games. I have controllers for nearly every system.

    I'd LOVE to get this done by Friday night...but if I can't, then maybe by New years?

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