Why Americans Are Cutting Coupons Out of Their Lives

Discussion in 'Money Matters' started by Hught, Mar 1, 2013.

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    Another data mining marketing ploy that ceases to produce positive results. It's directly linked to the rewards programs. It's one of the reasons the grocery coupons are reduced in savings and the purchasing requirements have increased.

    The whole 'sign up' and save concept isn't fooling anyone but the naive. It's a tool to set pricing strategies that do not favor the consumer. And every key chain in the US has a gaggle of cards attached that helps retailers accomplish that strategy.

    You never get something for nothing. And what you are giving in this situation is way more valuable than what you receive in return. You are giving away the data that profiles your purchasing power for pennies on the dollar. People are naively selling themselves short.

    The membership retailers have taken it one step farther. They've got you paying for a card to save? And the whole retail industry is set to take it to the next step. No cards, mobile ap's communication. We've come a long way from Green Stamps and free drinking glasses. And the consumer is no better from it.
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    Hows the view from the matrix today?

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